Iron Man And Virtue Ethics

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Iron Man and Virtue Ethics For the movie Iron Man, the whole movie focus on the life of Tony Stark, a billionaire, a technical geniuses, and he also own a weapon manufacturing company which was belonged his father. At the beginning of the film, his life can be describes as extravagant, but after he is kidnapped by the new-found troop, he has some changes on his character trait. After Tony survives from the new-found troop, he decides to shut down his weapon manufactory. Next, he tries to put his focus on the iron armor, he wants to make some useful products to benefit the society rather than keep his weapon business because his weapons in different hands will have different results, some of them bring disaster to the world. When Tony decides to attack the troop to save the innocent villagers in Gulmira, he shows he wants to become a better person. Tony tries to practice virtues in his life to become better human being, and these behaviors helps him to bring good life for his communities. Instead of focusing only on an behavior itself and ask if the behavior is right or is the best thing people should do, virtue ethics focus on asking “is this behavior right” or “will a good person do at this moment”, and it bring people’s attention away from the result or the behavior itself, which it will take people to ask if a good person will do this particular behavior. In the movie, in the first part, Tony wastes his fortune on luxury and gambling, he wastes his genius on making
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