Iron Sharpens Iron Research Paper

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You have been idolizing your favorite player since you were a young child outside doing the buzzer beater countdown with his jersey on.3…2…1.Swish! You go back in the house go to your room and lay in bed, staring at the poster on your wall fantasizing about meeting the famous Kobe Bryant one day. Next thing you know you’re looking him face to face ball in your hand trying to score on your life long idol before the time runs out. And it all started with the competitive drive to be like him. There are positive points and perspectives of competition, as well as negative ones. Competition is a positive influence because it has the ability to push you to levels you could never push yourself. Have you ever heard of the concept iron sharpens iron? Iron sharpens iron is a concept that as you compete with someone else not only are they making you better, but in return you are also sharpening your competitor's skills. This leads to a continuous procedure of bettering each other. For example, you have two teens that are on the high school basketball team and they are the two best players on the team. They both get kicked off the team for school insubordination. The two teens have a choice to make, either to give up basketball all together and accept the fact that they messed up their chances of playing. Or they could go to the rec every day after school, compete against each…show more content…
First, people often think that competition has a negative outcome leading to confrontation and conflicts, without understanding the reasoning behind the frustration they see. Children through adults, pride themselves on their achievements in life. These achievements could be things like sports trophies, new cars and nice houses. It is frustrating when you are not capable of achieving those things. However, if it wasn’t frustrating to lose those things, then you wouldn’t value them in the first
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