Irony And Satire

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Nadine Gordimer develops the theme of “fear of the unknown” in her short story Once Upon a Time, by using methods such as irony and satire. Once Upon a Time is a fiction story about a city that is corrupt with crime, riots, and racism. A family made up of a husband, wife, little boy, and a housemaid are constantly improving the security of their home, because they are afraid of the burglars and criminals running through their streets. The story is written as a mock Fairy Tale and pokes fun at Fairy Tale references, such as happily ever after, old witch, and the sleeping beauty. However, the story contrasts a common Fairy Tale by mentioning things such as casual weaponry, terrible things happening to children, and many different forms of irony. The irony of too much safety in the story helps develop the theme of “fear…show more content…
This interchangeable mood helps to develop the theme of the story as it pokes fun at the family’s stupidity. The family is afraid and this fear leads them to making some very bad choices. The satire of the Fairy Tale family building their own prison around themselves and being the cause of their child’s death adds to the mock Fairy Tale theme and is the cause of the interchangeable mood of the story. The family is supposed to be living happily ever after in their home, but they are far from happy by the end of the story. The repetition of the words “happily ever after” in the story add to the irony of the family living a terrible life. The family does all they can to protect themselves from the fear that they have of what could happen to them. The satire in the story makes the reader feel like the family is stupid for building their own prison around themselves. The family who is supposed to be kept safe and free from harm has just harmed themselves, because of their fear of the
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