Irony And Symbolism In Ozymandias

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The Pharaoh’s Power Power can be a misleading force, it can make you feel as though you will live forever and be remembered as the most amazing person in the world. In reality though you will die and fade into the back ground just like everyone else. When the people of ancient Egypt heard Ozymandias’ name they would cheer and bow down as the great man passed by them. How humble most people where when this man glanced down at them as if the where only worthy of worshiping him. He was the greatest pharaoh in all of Egypt’s history but he would not live forever. The poet Percy Shelley used symbolism, irony, and deeper meanings to show that
Although the poem “Ozymandias” was about this great and powerful king from ancient times it was not started until 1792 and finished in 1822. Percy Shelley was a romantic poet and this poem was not like most of his other; he wrote this poem in a compotation with his friend when they heard the British Museum was getting a statue of Ramesses II. It had a much deeper meaning than love and lust. Percy Shelley uses irony and symbolism to create a deeper meaning that shows how human mortality escapes even the most powerful of people.
The English romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote this poem soon after the British museum announced that they would be receiving a statue of Ramesses II from the temple of Ramesses
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This can be taken as symbolism or as irony. It can be symbolism because it shows the down fall of man and that nothing we do will last forever and no matter how much power you may have it will not be eternal. It is irony because this King of Kings is standing in the middle of nowhere and all of his acomplishments are in the past and he has nothing left for anyone to surpass. If someone was to pitch a tent or two it would surpass his

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