Irony In Cast Away

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The only real change comes from inside. There is nothing in life that will ever change you drastically unless you let it. Life will only change you if you let it, that's why people walk around like they are protecting themselves with an imperceptible forcefield of false sangfroid attempting to act like they have their entire life together. The only way to perceive change is to go through a slow process of self development. In the movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks does a marvelous job of portraying how isolation and desperation can have a negative toll on a fragile mind. Cast Away in its entirety is just one big ball of irony so to speak. Many instances in this move have a large variety of irony and importance. For example, after the thanksgiving dinner, Chuck is getting called into work and is required to fly overseas. Goodbyes are never easy, but Chuck is not thinking about that; Chuck is trying to get back to Kelly as soon a possible. This is shown by him saying “be right back” after he steps out of the car. This very simple action, that has so much meaning behind it. Chucks plane experiences complications and unfortunately crashes in the middle of the sea. The plane crash thus proves how Chucks statement of “be right back” is ironic. Another way the directors are showing irony is not through words, but actions and camera angles. One of Chucks first actions when he gets onto the island is to write “HELP” in the sand, in hopes to catch the attention of a an airplane flying
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