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Irony as a Trap: A Polling Device for Socio-Political Awareness
This text explores how irony functions in the field of art and beyond, driven by the current socio-political situation. The functionality of irony considered as a device is analyzed and tested on/ applied in four different cases while the potential power of a political (de)stabilization of this device is highlighted. The cases are chosen in accordance with the controversial relation between anticipation and contingency, intention and result, whose gap is where irony emerges. Irony is employed as a trap, and such traps as a prism through which to view the present socio-political context.
Living in the centre of the

Working as a Greek artist during a period
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The commentary is formulated in a symbolic sphere as a code of what it wishes to comment on in order to subvert it. In that sense it would be crucial to consider irony as a kind of interpretation or a twisted replication of what it targets. Moreover, irony could be perceived as an aspect of the relationship between a Subject and an Object. The ironist is the Subject and the Object is the topic of critique. In continuation, the ironic schema is presented to another person or group of persons with the expectation of the other’s…show more content…
As the Professor of Philosophy Berel Lang15 puts it, “Irony discloses its purpose not in its individual assertions or truths but in the common manner of their rendering” 16. Irony is a cultural-specific issue, thus it cannot not be considered a common universal value. It seems to be an interpretation which is expected to be interpreted. Despite the fact that irony is an authoritarian means, in my perspective, it has the potentiality of self-repression due to the cultural, social and political gaps that reveal following the inconsistency between the ironist intention and the recipient interpretation. Exactly there is where irony’s political potential activates. Due to those gaps the power is being agitated and a negotiation of power is generated within a authoritarian
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