Essay on Irony In "Romeo and Juliet"

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Irony occurs when there is conflict about what was stated and what something really means. There are three main types of irony. Irony can make the difference in a good book, and a great book. It is in just about every scene of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare uses different types of irony for many reasons. The first type of irony is verbal irony. It starts being used in the very beginning of the play when the chorus says “Two households, both alike in dignity” (prologue). The chorus states they are dignified, but they are really very undignified. Another example is when Juliet says “ I never shall be satisfied with Romeo until I behold him –dead – is my poor heart for a kingsman vex’d” (III, ii, 93-94). Juliet’s mother believes she wants…show more content…
Last, but not least is dramatic irony. Dramatic irony is a situation where the audience knows more than the characters. Another word that is commonly used for dramatic irony, is tragic irony. Shakespeare uses this type of irony to add tension and make the story more expressive. An example of dramatic irony is when Romeo and Juliet make their marriage official. Romeo, Juliet, and the audience are the only people who know about the event. Paris also gets involved with a lot of irony due to the marital arrangements. Because of the hatred toward and from each of the families, Friar Lawerance has to take into consideration that his life, along with juliet’s and Romeo’s, could be in danger, due to the fact Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. With so many secretes being told in Verona, between to two families it is assumed that it is very upsetting for Romeo and Juliet because they are constantly worried about if their “one true love ” is safe, and if they themselves are safe.
There are very many risks with being so secretive. For instance, if Romeo’s and Juliet’s marriage was not secret then they would not have died. This is because if Lord
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