Irony In The Epic Movie 'Rood Hood'

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To begin, Rood Hood is an Epic movie that has a heroic ideal as the theme. It can be compared to Beowulf. It seem as if France and England have always battled amongst each other. There are many characters that make this movie epic. The plot of this move starts when King Richard is on his crusade and is killed. Then Robin Longstride takes Robert Locksley’s identity and gives back to Nottingham and inspires the people of England and fights the French. Finally the opposing King Philip of England gets attached by the French and looks to Robert and the people to help him. The irony is entertaining. Robin Longstride character dose not have much of a genealogy. He is a man without children living by his instincts. He is a strong, an excellent bowman and humble. He doesn’t seem as if he is godly but he dose believe in liberty and that all man should get what they work for. He is a man that defies King Philip because he is a…show more content…
He is convinced that King Philip will show mercy and give the common people the liberty they need to survive in England. But, many times stories are the same. In most epic stories there is a good guy and a clever bad guy. The opposing King often demands respect, but does not give it in return. Something that is clearly understood through time is that the honor and the word of a man is all he has. Anything that was said and valued is what accredits him to be respected. King Philip was not the type of man who received respect from his people, because he never kept his word. He was nothing like his brother King Richard. Richard fought next to his men and received respect from the promises he made his men. By concurring others, he showed that he was a man to be feared. He gave his men what they need and showed them how to be great. The opposing monsters that had to be fought were the French and the Monarchy of England that was ruled by King
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