Irony In The Heir

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Competition is the process of competing for a prize or advantage. Usually, marriage and competition are complete opposites. But in this castle, everything about them are considered the same. The Heir (Kiera Cass), is about a young girl named Eadlyn. She is forced to go through a Selection that she does not want to do. This means that she will have 35 suitors ( young princes), at the castle who will do anything to win over her heart, all to be the King and Queen of Illea. The Heir is a quality book in most of the elements chosen. In The Heir, Kiera Cass uses characterization and irony to show a quality plot and, resolution to develop a disappointing ending. Kiera Cass uses characterization to show a quality plot. (Direct Characterization) “‘I told you, she’d be…show more content…
(Verbal Irony) “‘They want romance but, I’m not prepared to behave like that publicly, at least not when I haven’t truly connected with someone. Still, I need to give them something’” (Eadlyn says to Kile) (Cass 110). This quote display’s that the, two kids (Kile and Eadlyn), have been friends forever and the audience did not think that they would ever come together and show this affection to each other. This shows a quality plot because, it makes the story. That means that this scene in The Heir is a huge part in the rest of the book. (Verbal Irony) “If it was, perhaps it’s not what you thought it would be and now, you’re in a situation you don’t particularly like” (Cass 210). This quote displays that, Ean just opened her up like a book. This shows a quality plot because, it’s a part that no one expected. It makes the reader want to read more. Irony is, the expression of one’s meaning by using language (action or a situation) that signifies the opposite. Kiera Cass uses irony to make the book more interesting by using it in the most random places so the boring parts become some of the best parts. In The Heir, irony is used to show a quality
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