Irony in "Brave New World"

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By now, you should have learned about irony, one of the most important literary devices used. There are many definitions of irony, but a simple definition is the contrast between what was supposed to happen and what actually happens. Irony is separated into three types: situational irony (you crave oranges, turns out you are allergic to them), verbal irony (“Oh, you are so funny!” when someone is not funny [sarcasm]), and dramatic irony (while reading, you know there is a monster in the closet, but the character does not). Many examples of irony are given in the novel Brave New World, a novel set in the future where humans are biologically engineered and conditioned for their role in society. The novel exemplifies irony because even though …show more content…
Later in the book a new character is introduced, John, who was born in a poor village where they lived by the old world regulations. Lenina finds him very attractive, and gets to the point where all she does is think of him and no one else, going as far as not being able to concentrate in her work. When John admits to Lenina that he loves her, she cannot believe it and tries to have sex with him, where he refuses, breaking Lenina’s heart. As one of the most devoted characters to the new world, Lenina’s struggle with her emotions towards John proves to be an example of irony. Her example can be considered verbal irony, since she strongly mentions that marriage is repulsing, yet everything she feels towards John can be recapitulated as love, which is the fundamental basis for marriage. In the large library of literature, many works have focused on the poor, including The Communist Manifesto, a work written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels where they argue that the poor (or proletariat) will eventually revolt. In this novel, some aspects of that philosophy are present, resulting in its ironic twist. When humans are being engineered, the Controllers choose what each set of embryos’ roles will be in society and alter their development to give (or take) an advantage. Alphas are to be the world leaders, while Deltas, Gammas, and Epsilons are to be the

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