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Title of work you are analyzing: The Iroquois Creation Story Author of the work: David Cusick 1. What is the purpose or function of the work? Why was it written? Explain. Be specific. Include thegenre as well as the reasons it was written. Even though Cusick considers his work history, it is a myth. The myth discusses the “foundation” and establishment of the Iroquois world and well as the constant struggle between good and evil. In the work Cusick describes how the land was formed as well as how the sun, moon, and the starts were formed by the good mind twin. “The good mind continued the works of creation, and formed numerous creeks and rivers on the Great Island, and then created numerous species of animals of the smallest and…show more content…
This may require a good bit of analysis for some works. It will be easier for others. One behavior that is encouraged in this work is the no matter one you should always try to over come evil. This is evident when the good mind submitted to the bad minds offer to meet to resolve who would oversee universe once and for all. Even thought the good mind is good he does what ever is necessary to defeat the bad mind. He does this by getting the bad mind to confess what his instrument of death was, in the case deer horns. 4. What does the work reveal or illustrate about the culture or society? What attitudes, opinions, values, beliefs, and practices are reflected in the work? Include evidence and examples from the work. The work reveals even though the Iroquois people were not Christians by all means they still realized that there is still good and evil in the world. They also believe that all evil souls will sink into eternal doom (hell) and all good souls will “retire” from earth and live in the heavens overlooking earth. “at last the good mind gained the victory by using the horns, as mentioned the instrument of death, which he succeeded in deceiving his brother and he crushed him in the earth; and the last words uttered from the bad mind were, that he would have equal power over the souls of mankind after death and he sinks down to eternal doom and became the Evil Spirit.” (Cusick, The Iroquois Creations Story. Pg 21) 5. What influenced this work?

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