Irritable Bowel Syndrome Research Papers

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome also known as IBS Colitis, mucous colitis, nervous colon, and spastic bowel is a lingering condition that occurs in the large intestine. IBS is often mistakenly thought of as a disease, but in fact is a word used to describe a group of common occurring symptoms. IBS is a fairly common and it is estimated it affects roughly ten to fifteen percent of the adult population in the United States. There is only a five to seven percent of the population that actually has received a medical diagnosis of IBS. For uncertain reasons IBS affects women more often than men.
IBS is considered a gastrointestinal (GI) disorder because symptoms that occur with IBS happen when the GI tract acts in an unnatural way without any type
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Adding fiber to the diet is one of the most important ways to help aid in having a healthy stool. There are also medicines that can be prescribed that help with colon control and abdominal pain. Another recent trend is taking a probiotic pill. These pills are essentially live microorganisms that are usually present in the GI tract. Taking these probiotics in large enough amounts have shown to help relieve symptoms from IBS. Overall, the best way to control IBS is to eat a healthy diet and combine the other various treatment options mentioned above. People with IBS should try to have a diet that includes foods that are low in fat, avoids having too much dairy, and stay away from foods with outsized amounts of artificial sweeteners. By sticking to foods high in carbohydrates and low in fat stools are more likely to be easy to pass. Pasta, rice, breads, cereals, and fruits/vegetables are all examples of healthy carbohydrates that should be included in a diet for a person that suffers from…show more content…
Behavioral Therapy is a technique used to better deal with pain and works to relieve stress that causes flare ups. The most common types of therapy include: Relaxation practice, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and traditional talk therapy. All of these types of therapy focus on relaxing both body and mind which in turn help relay positive signals from the brain throughout the body and in turn can help alleviate pain and lessen symptoms. This type of therapy on the average can’t replace standard medical
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