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Running head: TRANSFORMATION AT THE IRS Module 8: Transformation at the IRS AMP 492 September 25, 2011 Introduction The purpose of this paper is to discuss the transformation at the IRS by examining the need for change, the outcome of change and the process of change. The challenges faced by the IRS will be discussed and Kotter’s 8-step model will be applied to the case study to determine whether or not it was or could have been implemented more effectively. This paper will provide an opinion of the challenges still facing the IRS as well as suggestions for success. The Case Study is provided by the Harvard Business School and is considered necessary reading prior to the understanding the responses contained herein. This paper is…show more content…
Call centers were antiquated and no standardized measurement systems or aggregated goals existed for the call centers, and no centralized policies existed. In addition, Congress had cut the IRS budget by 11%, $4 billion was spent on modernizing information systems but still not completed, and 2,000 employees were laid off. (Davis, 1997) Kotter’s 8-step Model and Changes at the IRS Although the IRS knew that change was needed and had participated in some way to the data that drove the decisions to change, a sense of urgency was created when the RRA was signed into law. The need for change was further publicized during the four day nationally televised hearings of the Senate Finance Committee detailing the IRS inadequacies and taxpayers abuse. To restructure the IRS had to become a more customer-centered enterprise. Using Kotter’s 8-strp model, the change followed these steps: Form a Powerful Coalition - Rossotti used a phased approach to map out his strategic plan for transforming the IRS. He used experts to help him define the organization’s archirEtecture and outline the transformation program. He then used IRS employees to develop a more detailed plan, which included a communication plan to help employees become aware that a major change was occurring to build commitment and buy-in. Create a Vision for Change - Rossotti created a vision for change in that he set goals to achieve his vision of providing world-class
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