Irwin Winkler's Life and Ray Bradbury's The Scythe

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They make you feel sympathy for the lack of control the main characters have in the stories. The authors make you feel sympathy by using foreshadowing, symbolism, humour and irony. In both stories the main characters lack control over death.
Irwin Winkler’s Life as a house and Ray Bradbury’s The Scythe both use foreshadowing to make the audience sympathise with the characters loss of control. Both the film and the text use foreshadowing to communicate the lack of control the main characters George and Joerg have over death. Irwin Winkler uses foreshadowing in the scene when he is telling Sam he is dying, in the scene the director uses the lighting to put emphasise on his back, this helps highlight the fact that he has no control over death. A medium close up shot at an eye level angle makes you focus of the dialogue that is being said, and brings attention to his facial expression in this scene. He uses foreshadowing to emphasise that he is going to die, he has no control over when his going to die. Similarly in The Scythe Ray Bradbury uses foreshadowing in the text when he hints at the start of the text of what to come by the engraving on the scythe “He who wields me wields the world”. The engraving on the Scythe hints what to come in the story. In the story Joerg is given the job to take the life of people that are ready to die, he did this by cutting down their…
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