Is A College Degree By Luis Rizo Analysis

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Luis Rizo in the article “is a college degree worth it in 2016?’’claim that you need to think about why you should think about before you drop out. But the author gave examples of why you should stay which student on a college board said four other reasons of a why you should stay.There four were to meet new people, To get a good education, To learn about yourself, To get a good job after graduation. I assume these are good example of someone would go to college.Well, in my opinion, I believe most people would go for the high paid job or is it just me, but I am going, go to sticking with these four reasons.
The first is meeting people in college if it is worth it, well, it is, they explain that it doesn't matter what you know it's who you
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I believe this is true, not all subjects will be use on any job or in in real life, but I things is that will be exposed to new ideas and new people.You will notice a difference in your ability to solve problems and think securely about your environment. Your education will benefit not only you, but everyone around you.
After that, is knowing about yourself. Yeah college can help But looking at the opportunity cost and other alternatives, the return on the investment today is questionable.the best way to learn about yourself is by doing. The most efficient way to prepare for adulthood is to do “adult things” like to go, going work, have greater responsibilities, live on your own, etc.
Finally is ‘’getting a good job’’ after graduation, For some jobs, If it does, then why do college grads make up 40% of the unemployment? And why do 46% of college grads work jobs that don’t need a college degree why? Most Companies crave people with experience .It’s a horrible cycle because to get experience, you need a job, And to get a job, you need experience. So a college degree just shows a prospective employee that you are willing to do hard work, you can meet deadlines, and you can plan and priorities mean something to you. That's it! A degree will get you "foot in the door" with employers,
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