Is A College Education Worth It?

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In today’s society, the idea of receiving a college education has been pondered quite a bit as to whether or not it is actually worth it. According to Michelle Adam, many people “…today believe that getting a good education is key to success in our society, this revealed surprising issues that challenge the notion of higher education being worth its price tag” (59). Naturally, many high school graduates apply for college right before or after graduation. Others decide to go into the work force, armed forces, or simply remain unemployed. The question that many people debate about is, is a college education worth it in the long run? Though some people believe a college education will benefit ones’ career, others believe it will cause a mass…show more content…
A college education isn’t meant to make people become rich, but to help them fulfill their interests within a career with the long term benefits of receiving a degree. “People who argue that college is worth it contend that college graduates have higher employment rates, bigger salaries, and more work benefits than high school graduates (” So, it seems that college is worth more than just graduating from high school with a diploma and entering the work force. If you think about it, many people don’t attend college or continue due to the high costs of tuition, books, and room & board. I agree with Dr. Ricardo Azziz that “…we must focus on educating those without a college degree on its value, and foster access and retention so that those who want to attend college can attend -- and finish (Azziz).” It’s understandable that people fear debt and becoming burdened with loans, but an education is well worth the long term benefits. A college education is especially useful for when the economy is not doing well. Declines in employment and wages were considerably more severe for those with less education, recent college graduates who

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