Is A College Education Worth It?

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Obiora Okoye Linden English Composition One 23 March 2016 Is a College Education Worth It? Is the American dream just a dream?The worth of a college education is arguably one of the most controversial topics in the country. Over the years, the American education system seems to emphasize and underline the importance of college education. The reality of the situation is that a college education can be appreciated through looking at the statistical numbers of people that have enrolled in to college education. A college education is valued because of the financial return it provides which in turn enable graduates to take care of their families, it also teaches effective skills which can be hard to obtain anywhere else, and the risk financial risk can be brought down through more education. However, the worth of a college education is doubted due to the currently high unemployment rates, the huge financial burden associated with acquiring the college education, and the numerous success stories of those who don’t hold a degree. College are intended to mold to mold tomorrow’s minds today. No one graduates college without picking up some type of skill or craft. The perception is that through college education one can learn the needed skills and technical know- how regarding issues so that the students are ready for the job sector (Brand and Yu Xie 275-276). Theoretical knowledge is taught in classroom environment added to the laboratory sessions that teach practical skills. This

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