Is A Gap Year The Way I Should Go?

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Amyah Harris
Mr. Rader
English 10A, Period C
17 February 2017
Is a Gap Year the Way I Should Go? Is taking a gap year going to lead one 's education in the right direction? Will a gap year improve academic performance? Will taking a gap year allow one to be invested in one’s future? The purpose of this essay is to give one the benefits and the doubts of both sides. While some are in high school, there is already enough stress on one about getting into college, having scholarships, and one’s grades. Some do not have the time to think about or even experience what one may want to do for the rest of one’s life. Planning a productive gap year during one’s junior year of college or between high school and freshman year of college will give
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All are refocused on school because during the vigorous time one spent the gap year, one may have found an internship, or volunteer work in the career of one’s interest. That is what many college want for students that do decide to take a gap year. The college administrators also want student “to improve upon an area of expertise or perform some kind of public service” (Shapira). This allows them to become more skilled in one’s selected area of study, because others are still learning new important life and study skills. As a result “gap-year students at Middlebury and the University of North Carolina maintained grade point averages between .1 and .4 points higher than their gap-free peers” (Greenberg). Gap years are viewed as a chance effectively prepare students for a thorough, and more significant engagement in college education. Therefore, it is contrary to the belief that it supplies the students a break from academic focus. The students that are achieving these better grades are working harder than peers that did not take a gap year. Henceforth, one becomes ready to focus on one’s education.
The experiences of the real world allows one to gain more knowledge about life. Susan Greenberg, a mother worried about her newly high school graduate daughter would spend her life after high school, did not have a gap year for her daughter in mind.
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