Is A Good Education?

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A Good Education

When I was younger, education was integrated into every part of my life. Even as I’m taking college classes now, school is still a priority. Today, society tells us that being well-educated is necessary. If you want to be successful and if you want to matter, you have to be well-educated. Society has used tools such as IQ tests, standardized tests in multiple levels of education, and set learning standards. However, education goes beyond statistics and rulings. A basic, universal truth of humanity is that everyone is different. However, society has such a skewered view of education that their demand is of a specific kind. Although the definition of being "well-educated" is dictated by tools such as test scores, society should look at a person 's overall intellectual evidence before judging their level of education.

In society, children are taught with the purpose to be successful on standardized tests. However, a score may not be able to decide a person’s intelligence skills. “Researchers have found a statistically significant correlation between high scores on a range of standardized tests and a shallow approach to learning.” (Kohn, 2003, para. 15). If we can accept the stated research, then we must realize how risky it is for colleges to put such attention on high-pressure college entrance tests. A person who has anxiety about test-taking may do horribly on the SATs, ACTs, and graduate entrance exams, but yet these scores will
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