Is A Leader Or A Ruler?

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Ever since hierarchy became a way of life for us people, there has been quite a few misconceptions and even debates about what it means to be a leader or a ruler. Most will say that they both go hand in hand as they are the same, but they couldn’t be any more different. The fact that no one will even try to distinguish the two is in itself apathetic. While it is true that these two words share similar aspects, there are things that widen the gap between what it means to be either. A leader is a person who governs with compassion, flexibility, and most of all integrity, while in contrast to these qualities, the ruler governs out of fear, adamancy, and also callousness. People normally fail to see how different they are, but when their qualities are further looked into, one can see that there is much contrast between them. There are certain characteristics that we people believe should be carved into those who would preside over us, and compassion is one of them. In Chade-Meng Tan’s ‘Compassionate Leaders are Effective Leaders’ it was stated that Tibetan Scholar Thupten Jinpa once described compassion as “... a mental state endowed with a sense of concern for the suffering of others and aspiration to see that suffering relieved.” With compassion, we can see that the leader is considerate of others rather than being indifferent to the comfort of the individuals around them. By a show of care, the people who are being led will feel comfortable trusting their leader that will
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