Is A Nation Is An Abstruse Procedure?

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Born and bred in Malaysia, I am proud to call myself a Malaysian national. My parents are Malaysians as well. However, my paternal grandparents identify themselves as Indian, while my maternal grandparents prefer to be referred to as Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) . Going back further, my ancestors would have identified themselves as Portuguese. We originate from the same bloodline, with similar heritage, almost identical ethnicity, and to a certain extent, common values, traditions and culture; yet, we identify ourselves as individuals from different nations. A simple anecdote regarding a student’s heritage can show you that defining an individual’s nationality is more complex than we perceive it to be. You cannot come to a conclusion regarding an individual’s nationality by simply looking at his/her passport details. It is difficult to identify one’s nationality because understanding the concept of a nation is an abstruse procedure. Given that defining a nation is perplexing, and the characterization of a nation is imperative to define nationalism, it becomes a convoluted process to determine the meaning of nationalism. Furthermore, nationalism is a human construct, which makes it inconsistent across the world. Different individuals would have different views on the definition of nationalism. When the concept of nationalism is indefinite and obscure, it would inevitably lead to conflict amongst individuals within a nation and foreign to the nation due to a difference in opinion

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