Is A Nuclear Free Iran?

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A nuclear free Iran is the main objective. This policy transcends partisan divides within the American political system and between international hegemonic rivalries. A nuclear capable Iran is neither an American nor an Israeli problem. Rather, the community of nations must collectively ensure the end of Iran’s pursuit towards a weapon of mass destruction. The consequences of failure are unprecedented. Regional stability will deteriorate, global security will be undermined, and economic interests will be threatened. While there is a consensus on the policy, the road taken and tools used to mitigate the proliferation of a nuclear bomb is not as clear. Unilateral actions by the United States of America are not enough. Even if Western allies implement a strategy together - it is still not enough. The formation of a multilateral coalition is essential if Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear bomb is to be halted. A dual track approach that combines diplomatic negotiations with economic sanctions is the peaceful path required for the policy of a nuclear free Iran to be effective. Military engagement is a tool that remains on the table but should only be used when all other approaches are exhausted. Pursuit of nuclear capabilities was not always seen as a controversial aspect of Iran’s foreign policy. As a matter of fact, the origins of the Iranian program began in the 1950’s with the support of United States. Research and development of an Iranian nuclear program began once they joined

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