Is A Sustainable Cool?

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Is sustainable Cool?
Since the mid 1990s consumers had become more concerned about environmental issues (Strong, 1996). He defines a green consumer as someone who rejects products that are harmful to him/her self or others around him, its manufacturing process damage the environment, consume a large amount of energy, involves unnecessary waste, and use material originated from threatened animal. According to Uusitalo and Oksanen (2004), this consumption concept is known as ethical consumerism. They suggest that ethical consumerism includes concerns about unethical and unfair global trades, like child labor, low paid labor, disrespect of human rights, animal testing, and environmental damage. These concerns had led the origin of sustainable marketing, which means that enterprises build and maintain sustainable relationship with consumers, social environment, and natural environment (Lee, 2008). Lee (2008), predicts two consequences of these increasing sustainable concerns in the near future. First, he says that concepts of green products or going green will be the mainstream. Second, Companies from developing countries will develop international green campaigns to increase their sales, expand their markets, and establish positive image trough green marketing. It is well known that fashion industry is the culprit of several animal, human and environmental harassments (Winge, 2008). Therefore, in 2006 Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair said that “Green is the new…

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