Is A Vulnerable Adult?

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A vulnerable adult is a person that is 18 or over, who has needs for care and support from community care services because of mental or other disability, age, illness, or is unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves from significant harm or exploitation or is experiencing or at risk of abuse or neglect (, 2015). These people are vulnerable as they are at more risk of abuse as they are in a more vulnerable position and are less able to protect themselves from abuse or neglect due to illnesses and disabilities. WHO IS MOST AT RISK? Some people may be more at risk to being abused than others because they are more vulnerable than others. These groups could be people with physical or learning…show more content…
This means that an individual is harmed emotionally, physically or sexually by another person resulting in injury. WHERE CAN ABUSE HAPPEN? Abuse can happen in many different places depending on the type of abuse. It can happen in an individual’s own home, at a relative or friends house, in a residential or nursing homes, day centres, adult education centres, independent care, health services, hospital or GP surgery or any public place (, 2015). This is because individuals can be easily abused by people working at these places as they are in a position of trust and have more opportunity to abuse this trust and harm the ones that trust them and who they are caring for. THE TYPES OF ABUSE Physical abuse is when someone deliberately hurts another person causing injuries such as cuts and bruises (HealthyPlace, 2015). Anyone can experience physical abuse at any time. Physical abuse on adults can include domestic violence, abuse on elderly in care homes or when being cared for in their homes by nurses or family members, people with a disabilities or mental illness, substances abusers. Physical abuse acts include: Hitting, slapping, assaulting, scratching, shoving, mistreatment of medication, restraint (, 2015). • The indicators of physical abuse are: • Having unexplained bruising in unusual parts of the body, such as having bruises around an eye or marks
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