Is Abortion A Fetus?

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In our world there are many controversial topics. Now some of these topics are only a phase and last only a few months, if not just a few weeks. However, one topic that seems to be the controversy of the century is abortion. For this particular topic people are very opinionated and are not afraid to share exactly how they feel. There are two sides of the spectrum when talking about abortion. There is prolife or prochoice. Prolife are those who believe that a fetus should not be aborted. While prochoice are those who feel that it is the mother’s right to choose to birth the fetus or not. No one ever really stops to think what would the fetus want. Some people would not even consider this a viable option. This is because there are some who believe a fetus, unborn child, should not have rights. Then there are those who believe that a fetus should and does have rights. While both sides may have strong feelings towards their beliefs nothing can be accounted for without proper research into the rights that a fetus currently has, the fetuses development and senses and the rights that should be available to them. When considering a fetus’s life the mother is always the one making the decisions. She gets to choose whether or not this fetus will live or die. However, just because the fetus isn’t born yet doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have hands, feet, arms, legs and all the other parts that humans have. This leaves us with the question, what about the fetus? Does the fetus have
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