Is Abortion Morally Wrong?

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Ever since we were little, we experience some choice that we make individually. We are taught that most experiences we undergo is our choice. Unplanned pregnancies occur widespread throughout the world. America, unlike many other countries give you the opportunity to have an abortion rather than giving birth, and raising your child. An abortion can happen in practically two ways, the pill, which deteriorates the non-living fetus, or the physical way where doctors pull out the fetus with medical tongs. Parenting is having the child and raising them as your own till they are a legal adult at eighteen years old. The United States is quite divided on the topic, and choice of abortion. Nearly half think abortion is utterly wrong and should not be a choice at all, some say abortion is only okay in case of fetal birth or the fetus is a cause of rape, and half think abortion is a choice of the woman who 's pregnant. Both options have pros and cons that come along with them, especially if the pregnancy was unplanned. Everyone has an opinion on unplanned pregnancy options, but because of living conditions, mental stability, and traumatizing events like rape, your decision should stay your choice excluding all other opinions. One tactic of choosing between parenting and abortion is the price they come along with. If you choose to have an abortion you’re looking to spend five hundred to two thousand dollars on either the pill or the removal and any visits you have to the doctor

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