Is Abortion Morally Wrong?

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Abortion is viewed as an ethical issue worldwide as it has many debates which causes question: Should it be considered morally ethical or not? Should it be legal or illegal? Is it wrong, is it, right? In addition to multiple theories: Beliefs, Morality, Logic, Science and many others. Some argue that abortion is morally wrong because it has a right to life. While the opposing view believe that its morally correct because it holds no right to life.
The text “The Deliberately Induced Abortion of a Human Pregnancy is Not Ethically Justifiable,” Don Marquis argues that abortion is wrong. The fetus holds a valuable future and a right to life. In addition, the termination of a fetus is identical to taking the life of a human adult. However, he also defends that abortion is valid in certain circumstances. I side with Don Marquis defense on abortion that it is overall, wrong. However, the position he takes about certain circumstances where it is permissible. I believe that if one defends the immorality of an action, then there should be no secondary defense, no matter the type of situation.
Marquis claims two arguments: Some object the reproduction freedom perspective because of the belief that life begins at conception. As marquis bring up an objection to this support, the case of Roe v. Wade, there is no consensus concerning when life beings. (Caplan & Arp 120). An example he brings is the biological unit sense. The product of conception, consists of cells that engages and

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