Is Abortion Relevant To Today's Society

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"Fertilization is the beginning of new life and the start of a new, distinct human organism" (Terzo, 2013). This explains that life begins at conception, and once a new organism is conceived and it has its own strand of DNA, a new life has formed which will continue to grow, change, and continue living. Abortion is the killing of an unborn child. Normally when the mother does not want to have the child, or when she can not take care of it. There are many people who find the concept of abortion wrong, and on the other hand there are people who believe abortion is a right all women should have. Abortion is relevant to today's society because it is a large political issue. It is hard for people to agree on whether or not to outlaw abortion.…show more content…
"[Murder] is a universal moral wrong that applies to all people, in all cultures, and in every age in human history" ("Abortion," 2017). Murder is unlawful because it is taking someone's life away. Ending the life of something that cannot defend itself, like a child, is immoral and unjust. "Abortion is the willful and unjustified killing of an unborn child" ("Abortion," 2017). Abortion can be considered murder because it is ending a new life of an organism. Once that life is formed, it is wrong to take it away. "It is seriously wrong to kill the unconscious, the sleeping" (Marquis, 2015). It is wrong to kill the innocent, the people who aren't fully aware of their surroundings. When a child is in the womb it is unaware of its surroundings, but it has to potential to become fully awake and fully living. Abortion is viewed differently. Some people view it as right, and some as wrong. It should be viewed as wrong because it is the willful killing of an unborn child that deserves the right to…show more content…
Murder is ending the life of something that has been given life, and a new set of DNA. That child now has life and it would be wrong for us to take it away. It is immoral to end any life, no matter what stage of life the fetus/ human is at. The Bible claimed life is a gift given to us, and we often take it for granted. If we don't accept that life begins at fertilization, and abortion is ending all life, then we can't accept that it is wrong to end life, and have abortions. There are so many positives to ending abortion. People who can't have children could have a cheaper option to adopt, and be filled with happiness. If we don't change beliefs about whether or not abortion is wrong, then people will assume it is right, and morally okay to have an abortion. If abortions continue to be allowed, women will feel as though we don't need to be conservative with their decisions. Women will believe they have the excuse of getting abortions if they get pregnant when they don't wish to. We need to enforce this law of making abortion illegal because it is morally wrong to murder an innocent life, and if
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