Is Abortion Right Or Wrong?

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Haley Coombs
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December 8, 2014

Is Abortion Right or Wrong? Abortion, do you think it is right or wrong? When you hear the word abortion what do you think of? People, who think abortion is right, think it is right for many different reasons. Such as they believe that it is the woman’s body and feel as if they should be able to do whatever they want to with their body. Other people, people who think abortion is wrong feel as if it is murder, that if they do not want a child they shouldn 't have sex. Some even feel that if someone becomes pregnant and do not want the child that they should put it up adoption, not every couple that wants children can have them; there are all kinds of different reasons that they cannot have kids. In this world there are millions of people, we all have different opinions and trains of thought. Abortion, this is a topic you either support or don’t. There are so many people that do not think that abortion is right. Murder, most of the time we hear that word when people speak of abortion. “Killing an innocent, unborn child is cruel” ( says Jamie N. as she expresses her opinion about abortion. Abortion is wrong in many different ways, some call it selfish, some call it cruel, and many call it murder. Your mother gave you the chance to life; she did not kill you while you were still in her womb just because she did not want you. If…

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