Is Abortion Right or Wrong?

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In the United States, the process of having an abortion has been a controversial topic for many years. Even though an abortion is legal, Americans believe abortions are only morally correct when used for medical reasons. The word “abortion” can be defined various ways depending on a person’s perspective. Abortion is defined by Oxford as “the act of giving untimely birth to offspring, premature delivery, miscarriage; the procuring of premature delivery so as to destroy offspring” (Dionisio). The National Abortion Federation defines it as “a medical abortion is one that is brought about by taking medications that will end a pregnancy, which ends a pregnancy by emptying the uterus (or womb) with special instruments” (Dionisio). Another…show more content…
In comparison, Pro-life has a number of faith groups, also: the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, National Association of Evangelicals, Christian Coalition of America, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Should Abortion Be Legal). In 2008, a poll was conducted to confirm that 54% of regular religious service attendees believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases (Smith, Gregory). Reminiscent to any other state of affair, legal abortions have a few cons. First, innocent lives are taken away. Second, the Bible’s sixth commandment states that “Thou shalt not kill”. Third, abortion is not meant for contraceptives. Finally, it can cause psychological damage to the woman who has the procedure (Should Abortion Be Legal). In assessment to the cons, abortion also has pros. The first pro is women’s rights. Women should have the right to do whatever they please to their own self. Second, 68,000 women die each year in 33 countries from “back-alley” abortions. Death and injury from illegal circumstances decreases with legal abortion. Third, women have the decision to not birth children with rigorous or life-threatening medical conditions (Should Abortion Be Legal). A child should not have to go through a lifetime of pain. Fourth, giving up a

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