Is Abortion The Right Way?

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Is Abortion the Right Way to Go?
Is abortion good? Is it bad? Abortion is seen different for a lot of people, because everyone has different opinions. In 1973, U.S. Supreme Court held Roe V. Wade said “ protected women’s rights.” The Supreme Court later found out that Roe V. Wade was wrong. It does count that abortion is a women’s right ,but it’s also the child’s right to stay alive. In 2013, 22 states passed abortion but 70 other countries restricted abortion. More and more people are actually just now figuring out or learning about how abortion actually works. When did abortion began? Abortion began in the 1800s to the 1900s, abortion is when you get pregnant and you want to sacrifice the baby’s life so you can be happy. I believe that when you have an abortion it’s killing one of God’s innocent children. I’m against abortion all the way, and I think people should be punished whenever they decide to kill an innocent child of God.
Women and teens have died from abortion many times, and some are still dying today as we know it , but we yet don’t even try to stop abortion from happening. According to the “America.1/19/2015, Vol.212. Issue 2, p14-18.5p.” Children and women have died, and they will keep dying if we don’t fix this problem with having abortions. Abortion should not be legal, it is killing more and more innocent people and children that God has given us. Over 57 million American children lives have been lost not just the children ,but women and teens too!…

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