Is Addiction a Disease

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Is addiction a disease? This question has long been debated and not just among the medical community. It seems if you ask this question to any random people you can find varying opinions on the issue. Stanley Peele's wrote an article which argues that addiction is not a disease and the growing influence of addiction as a disease will create problems within our society. Stanley presents several arguments for his points, however these are not strong enough arguments for people to consider his point of view. Addiction is not a disease, because addiction is a choice, it's something a person does and not has, and it refers to a behavior. This essay will expand on Stanley Peele's arguments. Addiction has generally been attributed to drug…show more content…
It should be noted however severe form of addiction is a serious problem, and those who fall into that category need treatment, as their addiction may have taken over their lives. This extreme form of addiction would probably be the closest to coming to the disease definition, but it still cannot be considered a disease. Addiction as a disease has become widely adopted, and this can create a notion that people will not be held responsible for their actions. This can become a problem as Peele mentioned, where people who make certain choices are not held accountable to them. However it should be noted that addiction can be involuntary in the case of taking prescription drugs, where one can become dependent on them. In this case there needs to be a different standard as oppose to other forms of addiction. Addiction is something which any person can posses, and can experience at some point in their lives. Some people are more prone to a addiction due to outside circumstances, and even though an addict can be damaging to themselves and others around them, addiction shouldn't be considered a
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