Is Adhd over-Diagnosed Among School Children

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Is ADHD Over-diagnosed Among School Children?
After reading the review, (Is ADHD over-diagnosed among school children?) by C. Collins, I am in agreement with T. E. Elder in that yes, ADHD is over-diagnosed.
I chose to accompany the review by C. Collins with the article, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which originated from the Facts on File; Issues and Controversies Database. After reading both the review and the article I highly believe that ADHD is definitely over-diagnosed.
In the article, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, the disorder is defined, as well as the current treatment for the disorder which tends to be the drug Ritalin. While there are many other drugs available for treatment, Ritalin is the most
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Parents and teachers have given up on these children and they have been the ones who drop out of school or end up in prison. It is thought that by diagnosing ADHD early and treating it properly, children who might not have had a chance to succeed can now be successful. The advocates for diagnosis of ADHD also point out that the treatment of ADHD with prescription drugs is actually very small and only one out of every three children diagnosed with ADHD is actually treated with prescription drugs (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, para. 45).
The article concludes by stating that although most experts have varying ideas and on ADHD they are all in agreement that the disorder needs more research.
As I stated previously, I do believe ADHD is over-diagnosed; however, I am in total disagreement with the critics who believe the disorder doesn’t exist at all. Their claim that in the past it was acceptable and expected of children to be hyperactive and rowdy just doesn’t hold water for me. In the past we did not have the knowledge that we do now and as a result children were not diagnosed and either struggled to succeed in school and life or didn’t succeed at all.
I am in agreement that many parents, teachers and some experts use the diagnosis of ADHD as an easy answer and way to deal with difficult children. I feel that T. E. Elder also makes a very significant point that the age and maturity of children entering kindergarten also
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