Is Affirmative Action Fair

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Jerrica Martin PHI 103: Informal Logic Is Affirmative Action Fair? Brian Addis August 23, 2010 Is Affirmative Action Fair? Affirmative action was created to increase the number of people from certain social groups in employment, education, business, government, and other areas (LaNoue, G., 2010). This policy is geared toward women, and minorities such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, American Indians, and disabled people. Generally speaking, Affirmative Action was put into place to benefit groups that are thought to have suffered from discrimination. Some believe that affirmative action is just a means for minorities to get ahead, but the benefit is for minorities to first of all…show more content…
Therefore, the rationale behind most affirmative action is sound. It does make sense to attempt to normalize for differences in the college entry level because of the quality of preparation at the elementary and secondary levels because children have no say in where they attend school. Typically, they are forced to attend a school nearest to their home and they normally do not have any control over the quality of education they receive. I made no mention here of race, but the quality of the education; the unfortunate truth here is that these two are highly correlated in our country. I derive that those who may benefit from affirmative action policies have the ability to succeed but the preparation is lacking. No matter what the case may be, they do deserve a chance. Some would argue that once you reach post-college employment opportunities that there is no need for affirmative action since presumably the educational differences you find in secondary schools and colleges would have balanced out by the end of your college career. So often we still see employers choosing to hire someone that is under qualified as opposed to someone who is over qualified. Have you ever heard the statement, “We decided to go with someone with a little less experience”? Oftentimes, potential employers will tell candidates for positions this because it is sounds

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