Is Affordable Care Act Really Affordable?

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Is Affordable Care Act Really Affordable?
Qionghui Wu
Health Economics and Policy 3233
Professor Leslie Doss
University of Texas at San Antonio

Abstract This paper explores three fundamental economic reasons to promote the Affordable Care Act. These reasons are found in several articles that focus the most among other reasons. These reasons are: getting most uninsured people to be covered in health care insurances, lowering the health insurance costs for both insured and uninsured, and to focus more on prevention than treatments. After introducing these three reasons, there are also some disadvantages listed in this paper to compare Affordable Care Act’s social benefits and its costs. In this paper, the readers are
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Most of the uninsured go without health coverage because they can’t afford it, and they would purchase it if they could” (APHA, 2012). Because of the lack of medical doctors, the fees for medical treatments and preventions are extremely high, there are many people could not afford it. According to Jonathan Gruber, in the book Health Care Reform: What it is, Why it’s Necessary, How it Works, he mentioned that people who work in large companies will have their insurance covered, but for individuals who are working for small companies but earns more than those who can get Medicaid, will have to buy their own insurance. Usually these insurances are not cheap, and once they use the insurance once, the insurance companies will raise their insurance price or find ways to kick them out of the insurance coverage. In this case, ACA will “reduce premium costs for millions of working families and small businesses by providing hundreds of billions of dollars in tax relief …also reduces what families will have to pay for health care by capping out-of-pocket expenses and requiring preventive care to be fully covered without any out-of-pocket expense…Americans without insurance coverage will be able to choose the insurance coverage that works best for them in a new open, competitive insurance market… keeps insurance companies honest by setting clear rules that rein in the worst insurance
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