Is Alcoholism Really a Disease?

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Despite common misconception, Alcohol Anonymous was not the originator of the classification of Alcoholism as a disease. Dr. Benjamin Rush created the concept in 1784, and alcoholism has been considered as a disease since then (Eberling and Jagust 2). An important thing to understand about alcoholism is that it develops over time. What may start as recreational drinking on only on special occasions, turns into a drink maybe once a week, then maybe once a day, then twice a day, and so on. This is a cycle that develops over a period of years. Alcoholism is a creature of habit, a habit that once established, becomes harder to break. The longer it persists, the more frequent one will drink (Gulli).
Despite the common belief for the past 2 centuries, alcoholism is not a disease; rather it is a conscious desire to lose self-control. While drunk, the user is guided by impulses, which creates confusion and causes the user to act against their own best interests, but when it comes down to it, it was the user’s conscious choice to pick up the bottle in the first place. An alcoholic drinks because she wants to exist in a temporary void, and this desire for the void causes the alcoholic to destroy the…

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