Is Amazon Becoming Or Has Become A High Technology Company?

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Is Amazon becoming or has become a High-Technology Company? Amazon is a high-tech company. From the very initial design Amazon nearly extinguish the bookstore business. When amazon first started, one of its first products was books. The initial forming of amazon was simple, but it had a strategy with online shopping that help consumers get the books they were looking for. The design caused many bookstores to go out of business and to include Barns & Noble. When Barns & Noble was on the verge of losing consumers they introduce the Nook for eBooks to compete with Amazon. Amazon introduces the Kindle Fire that was similar to Nook in the forms of reading eBooks but had more feature for media. Amazon puts a lot of designs into their software for data mining and logistics. The data mining collected consumer and visitors’ purchases and views. This part is the ever changing for Amazon as it continues to improve their software to support all consumers. The other area of development is logistics. Amazon has created the dash button that is used for everyday products from groceries to hygiene products, that when the inventory at home is low and with just a click of button it will automatic shipping to the consumers residence. Amazon created the Kindle Fire phone to compete with smartphones on the market but failed. In-addition Amazon also created Amazon-Echo which is like Apple Siri that response to users’ inquiries. And lastly Amazon is also developing drone delivery that complements
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