Is America Considered An Exceptional Nation?

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Is America Considered an Exceptional Nation? A Review of the Literature In the western sense of the world, most would agree that the United States is undoubtedly an exceptional nation. Yet, there continues to be debate over the idea of American exceptionalism as each individual has their own opinions on the expression. The theory of exceptionalism dates back to Alexis De Tocqueville, a French political thinker who described the country as quite exceptional and believed no democratic individuals will ever be placed in a similar one (De Tocqueville, 1835). According to Webster’s dictionary, exceptionalism is described as the perception that a country, society, institution, movement, or time period that is exceptional in some way that does not need to conform to normal rules or general principles and is regarded as giving it a special role in history or world affairs. This paper focuses on the arguments of Harold Koh who believes that American exceptionalism has both good and bad sides, whereas, Ted Bromund asserts that exceptionalism is a set of pure virtues. I believe there is good reason why many Americans consider the United States an exceptional nation and I agree with Bromund’s arguments based on similar beliefs and perceptions of exceptionalism. Harold Koh was a Professor of International Law at Yale Law School who had the opportunity to view American exceptionalism from two different perspectives; first, as the eyes of a human rights scholar, and second, as a US

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