Is America Truly the Land of the Free?

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America has been talked about as the land of freedom, opportunity and a promise of better life for everyone. But has it always been all of that? the people who came to America in search of better living circumstances, did they find what they were looking for, or were they disappointed, forgotten and overlooked left to take care of themselves how they could. People who migrated over from Europe, came in large numbers once word of prosperity and better life reached their countries seeking better life and new beginnings. The African Americans who used to be slaves before but were now freedman, did they have the same rights, power and freedom as those who used to own them or even the somewhat decent life of the European immigrants? What about the people who came from China, Japan? They left their homeland too, and came to America to improve the lives of their children, but did they find what they were looking for or were they disappointed? The first settlers that came over from the old world were of European decent. They started off our great nation and they put in a good start and a good foundation. This might have allowed them to have some advantages over those who immigrated later on or who were of different skin color. Those that were better well off when they moved over to the US were able to start businesses and improve their lives drastically. They could hire those who were less fortunate and give them a chance, an opportunity at better life when they had no other
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