Is America Winning The War Of Iraq?

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Ryan Atty Mr. Hance Research Paper December 16, 2014 Is America Winning the War in Iraq? “What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world.” Said Robert E. Lee. Who actually wins in war? In a sense, war is the killing of our own brothers & sisters. The fact that war is used to resolve political issues is sickening. Our newest generations are being born into this world thinking that war is common and necessary depending on the circumstances when it’s not. It’s obvious what this means, it only means more war is to come…show more content…
Using fighter jets America hit several capital buildings in Baghdad. Surprisingly the enemy was expecting these attacks, and was fully prepared for the attacks, resulting in no reported causalities. Saddam Hussein formally rose to power in 1979. He was known to be such a brutal and harsh leader. He was thought to have weapons now of mass destruction, weapons of such arsenal posed a threat to all countries. If so he indeed had these weapons, he was not only dangerous to the people of Iraq but everyone. America eventually heard of the possibility and took action Immediately America begins searching for deadly weapons of the Iraqi army, easy to do, due to the little opposition on the ground and nearly none in the air. America’s problems early on was not the Iraqi army, it was actually the harsh weather conditions such as sand storms that slowed America ground troops. Despite the weather conditions America would still continue to attack the Iraqi army by the air, gaining power of oil plants and territory. Still very far from Baghdad, America forces engage in combat with not only the Iraqi military, but the Iraqi people resisting against them. Making this 315 mile trip even that much harder. Tensions weren’t much different in Baghdad. Due to the relentless bombings, over 600 tommy hawk missiles were fired within the first week of the invasion, and 4300 precision weapons dropped on key targets.
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