Is America Without Diversity? America?

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What is America without diversity? America, specifically the United States was built upon an assortment of races and ethnic backgrounds. The population continues to develop and as this is happening the number of non- American English speaking immigrants is increasing. Many of these people come with just the clothes on their back. I should know, as my family is made up of immigrants from Mexico. When my family members came to the United States they barely spoke any English, and that made it very difficult for them to transition to life here. One issue that they faced and continue to face is the inability to communicate with healthcare providers effectively.
Historian John Rosenberg and president and general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity Roger Clegg authors of “Against Diversity” argue that
Diversity is discrimination based on race and ethnicity. Whether in admissions or hiring, its purpose and effect is the selection of individuals who would not have been selected but for their race or ethnicity. And that means, inescapably, that an equal number of others were not selected because of their race or ethnicity.
Although Rosenberg and Clegg make a good point that in trying to make a diverse United States, what is actually happening is discrimination against cultures that already dominate in certain areas. There is a way to solve the problem of insufficient cultural diversity in healthcare and still allow diversity for people of all cultures and ethnicities.

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