Is American Education Getting Worse Or Better?. One Of

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Is American Education getting worse or better? One of Michael Crichton’s well-known books is Jurassic Park. As an intelligent man who is good at writing stories, apparently, he did not impress his English teacher at Harvard with one of his essay. Michael’s confidence was ruined when he found out he had a C- on his English paper. Michael’s creativity did not meet the principle of writing. America’s education is ranked number 14th compared to other countries. There are three different ways to prevent Americans to fail on the education system such as spending less money on war and inmates and lower the high school dropout rates. First, Americans are willing to put more money toward war than education. Education should be the number one…show more content…
For instance, a doughnut cost $2.50 everyone has to pay for it, if they want it. Nobody is paying for someone else 's doughnut if a person can’t afford it. “The U.S. military budget is $824.1 billion. U.S. military spending is larger than the next nine countries combined” (Amadeo). If every time Americans and their allies spend the same amount of money, Americans will spend less on war and give more money on education. Similarly, not only Americans are spending on war but on prisoners as well. Americans has been spending more on inmates for years. They struggled with this for so long that the Americans are known to be “the highest rates of incarceration in the world” ( “Since 1990, states and local spending on a higher education has been largely flat while spending on corrections has increased 89 percent” (U.S Department of Education). There are number of reasons why someone would go to jail for based on the case and crime of a prisoner. Mostly because of drug reasons and unnecessary cause for a person to go to jail for. Putting more people behind bars does not decrease the immortality. That does not solve anything but cause an overcrowd of prisoners. “According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, since 1993 the rate of violent Altema 3 crime has declined from 79.8 to 23.2 victimizations per 1,000 people” (Cooke). As a

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