Is An American College Education Still? Worth It?

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Is An American College Education Still ‘Worth It’?
One of the realities of the past several decades is that society has come to place an increasing level of emphasis upon the importance of education. Whereas it has been understood for decades that education is an integral component of the overall level of success that a person might hope to experience during their lifetime, the necessity of each and every individual striving for a college degree has been a more and more defining aspects of the drive for education and achievement. However, the fact of the matter is that not every individual in society wants to go to college or would greatly benefit from what a college degree might offer them. Although this advice seems as counter intuitive, the following discussion will provide the reader with some of the reasons behind why this student feels this way. Additionally, the analysis will engage in contrary views and compare and contrast the information that will be put forward so that the reader can draw an informed opinion based upon relevant facts. All in all, an American college education is not a good investment for every modern day college student, because it is overly expensive and saddles the student with a high level of debt for many years after graduation.
Evidence of this can be seen with regard to the fact that An American college education is not a good investment, because it generates a unreasonable debt burden that so many college graduates are facing. "So it 's
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