Is Angel Really an Angel?--- the Paradox of Angel of Tess of the D’urbervilles

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Abstract Tess of the D’Urbervilles is the representative of Thomas Hardy. The heroine, Tess’s bravery, purity, and her determination impressed many readers deeply. Till now, there are many works written about this. In those works, the authors usually prize Tess and condemn Alec who raped Tess and made her pregnant. But there is still another character----Angel whom Tess loves most. In this paper, the author tries to prove that Angel is the root cause which leads to Tess’s tragedy. And through comparing this character to the image of angle in Christianity, tries to find the similarities between these two. Why does Angel hurt Tess so badly although he loves her so much? Is there some symbolized meaning of his name? In this paper, the author…show more content…
They just hurt Tess in different ways. Alec hurts Tess physically. Because of Tess’s beauty and poverty, he takes the chance to seduce and rape her, which makes her pregnant. Under a great pressure, Tess still gives birth to this baby. But the fate hasn’t tortured her enough; the baby is so unhealthy that it dies several months later. Because of his shame over Tess’s illegitimate baby, Tess’s father refuses the parson’s admission into the house to baptize the baby during his imminent death. Hardy writes, “So passed away Sorrow the Undesired-that intrusive creature, that bastard gift of shameless Nature, who respects not the social law; a waif to whom eternal Time had been a matter of days merely, who know not that such things as years and centuries ever were…..” (Hardy p161). Hardy pities this child and also pities Tess. Undoubtedly, Alec is the beginning of Tess’s tragedy. He takes her virginity which at that time was unacceptable. To everyone’s surprise, Tess is so brave that she baptizes the baby herself. This big disaster doesn’t make her lose heart. “Yet even now Tess felt the pulse of hopeful life still warm within her; she might be happy in some nook which had no memories.” Write Hardy. (Hardy p166) you can see Alec doesn’t destroy Tess although he destroys her virginity. Tess asked herself: “Was once

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