Is Anger A Mystery?

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Anger has always been a mystery to me. I have been wanting to research about anger for a few years now. I never got the chance, or maybe was just too lazy to bother and research. I finally got to do my research and got my curiosity over with thanks to my English teacher. I chose this topic because I have been eager to know how and what triggers that little chimp in our minds to let us become angry. What means we can learn to control our reactions. We all have encountered angry people and each of us, at times, felt angry. A very dear person to me, my mom, has an anger issue. I remember my mother used to get angry pretty quickly and reacting on it was at times extreme. Because I do let anger take control over me at times, I figured my…show more content…
Very embarrassing. And the third one, hehe they might take me into the psychiatric cord for this. Uhh throwing objects. Haha flying saucers. But that WAS me. Mhmm, I overcame it I hope. Okay mom let’s make this quick so i can finish the rest of my questions. Then we can talk and laugh. What risks or losses did you face after making a decision while angry? Mom: Oh wow...uhh… Losses would affect me more than the other person. Uhh like I would either… umm like for example if I threw an object, wait you said what? Decisions? Oh risks, like maybe driving uh in an erratic way. I’m telling you, they’re either going to lock me up or send me to a psychiatric cord. Haha! Have you ever got into an accident because of driving angry? Mom: Yeah, angry hmm did I get into an accident? Let me see. (thinking) Yes yes yes I did. I did get into an accident! Bad bad bad...yeah. See mom when you get angry and lose control, there’s nothing but losses. That’s it! You don’t get anything out of it! Making decisions while angry, I almost always regret it later. When you were angry, did you communicate by becoming defensive or attacking? Mom: Aha. Me: Let’s go back in time to when you threw that pasta plate on the wall (and much more like incidents). Mom: Hahaha right right… Always attacking. Whether throwing things or talking back. What angry outburst have you recently handled well? What were the results? Mom: Let’s just put talking to my
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