Is Animal Testing Justified?

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Whether animal experimentation is justified or not has been undecided for many decades. Many years back, the debate was carried out by animal rights groups which were led by the Cambridge University to get rid of its plan for a primate research in 2004. Since this debate, many supporters have become more confident in speaking out what they believe and getting their points across to people.

In this written report, I will be including both sides of the argument which enable me to form my opinion as well as conclusion.

Do you believe that animal testing is justified? Or do you believe its not? Well you will find out what I believe at the end of this report.

What is animal experimentation?

Animal testing is the use
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However, sometimes, in some cases, it is possible to develop a new way of conducting a test involving few animals. They are as following:

- Replace which means that the uses of animals are substituted with alternative techniques or avoid the use of animal’s altogether.

- Reduce which is the number of animals which are used in the research are minimum and are used to obtain information from as few animals as possible or to find more information the same number of animals are used. So, non-animal alternatives should be used whenever possible.

- Refine which is the way experiments are carried out to ensure that animals suffer as little as possible. This also includes better housing and improvements to procedures which minimise pain and suffering and/or improve the welfare of the animals. So this means that the animals are looked after properly and any pain and distress is minimised.[3]

Alternatives to animal experimentation

Today, there are many non-animal methods which have replaced animal experimentation and have been accepted by some countries as replacements for an existing animal test. Generally, non-animal tests are faster and less expensive than animal tests because they can
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