Is Animal Testing Justified For Medical Purposes?

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Is animal testing justified for medical purposes?

One of the most controversial topics worldwide is whether or not animals can be used for medical purposes such as drug testing, studying diseases, or making advancements in drug technology. The main issue is the fact that animals are conscious and sentient like us humans. This has led to disagreements in the scientific community regarding animal testing. Some animal organizations such as PETA, The Center for Alternatives for Animal Testing, and the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments have been combatting animal testing for years. Most of the United States however, still accepts animal testing. The ethicality and effectiveness of animal testing is determined through many factors. When all these factors are considered, the necessity of animal testing is conspicuous, and the ethicality can be defended. Therefore, with all the evidence gathered in this essay, I believe that animal testing is justified for medical purposes.
I. Contentions

To this day, there is no equal replacement for animals and their whole body system.
The three R’s of animal testing; Replacement of animals, Reduction of use of animals, and Refinement of animal testing methods; Are an excellent manner of minimizing the toll taken on animals used in animal testing, however, animal testing can never truly be replaced. To explain how, I will be using the three main replacements for animal testing and their flaws which make them incapable of completely
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