Is Animal Testing Necessary

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Throughout history, animals have repeatedly been used for testing for biomedical research, food, transportation, and as a companion. Animal experimentation has played a significant role in leading to new findings, human advantages, and many medical advances that have helped us in the past decades (i.e., several diseases). While most argue that animal testing is necessary, others say it should not be accepted and causes suffering to innocent animals because the balance between the rights of animals and their use in medical research is a delicate issue with huge societal assumptions. However, the pros outweigh the cons, as scientific experiments on animals are necessary to advance medical and biological knowledge. Animal testing is, and will be, a critical stage for the medical and biological research.
Animal experiments have been subject to criticism ever since animals were used for research purposes. The criticism usually focuses on the ethical question whether man has the right to use animals for experimental research (Baumans, V, 2004). While the morality of it is debatable, the arguments lack as the pros outweigh the cons almost always. Despite the numerous benefits animal testing has had on humans, some people believe that animals should not be used for testing medical techniques and drugs.
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If we were to abandon animal testing, there would be severe consequences as the alternative methods aren’t as reliable. Animal experimentations that uses animals would be justifiable if it is done in such a way that causes minimal pain to the animals involved and if all possible alternative methods have been explored. When scientists take the lives of animals into their hands, they have a duty to avoid unnecessarily cruel treatment—not only during experiments but also in the way the animals are kept and
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