Is Animal Testing Worth It Essay

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“Is animal testing worth it?” The ethics of animal testing has always been questioned. Nowadays, many people appeal to the researchers not to use animals in scientific research and many other testimonies, since they consider animals as human beings and that they have the rights to live like humankind. They also create organizations to protect animals from being experimented such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), etc.. However, thinking back to the ancient days, if we had not dissected animals we would never know how to cure or treat diseases as well as developing many other fields such as the preparation of medicines, drugs and cosmetic industry. My answer to the above question is a “yes”, animal testing is worth it because of its crucial contribution in many life-saving cures and treatments; moreover, biomedical research involving animals has unequivocally advanced for decades, and the most important fact is that animals have shorter lifespan, which is more convenient to conduct experimentations and research. Undeniably, animal research plays a significant part in the scientific process. For centuries, experimentations using animals have not only saved many human lives but also positively impacted on other sentient beings. According to the California Biomedical Research Association (CBRA), almost every medical cures and treatments have resulted directly through scientific research using animals for more than a hundred years. UNICEF states that
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