Is Animality Very Different Than How We Look At Humanity?

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Would you think that animality is very different than how we look at humanity. The definition of humanity in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals. The definition of animality in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: a quality or nature associated with animals as in vitality or, a natural unrestrained unreasoned response to physical drives or stimuli. I think these two words have more in common than what makes them different.

What if one day we could actually have a conversation with the animals that we keep as pets such as dogs, cats, or even the ant farm that we have on the desk in our study room. How would we treat the animals that we kill to make the food that we eat such as
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This might be the case for the animals that we raise as a food supply but I think it would be differently as in the case of the animals that we keep as pets.

In the case of what would happen to the animals that we call pets I think that people would be more accepting of their newfound intelligence and speaking capability. I think that since most people already spend a great amount of time with their pets in their daily life. It would be interesting to actually get feedback from your dog on a paper that you are working on or would the age old excuse of my dog ate my homework would still work on your teacher. What would a pet talk about with their owner, would they talk about things that bewilder them such as why you go bathroom inside or would they be the ones that would be explaining to us the the things that bewilder us such as why a dog circles around a few times before they lie down. I think overall why people would be more accepting of pets is that we already spend much of our time with them, we think of them as not as an animal but as a family member, and that we think of our pets as a bonding companion. That is what I would think would happen if this were to happen in reality. If this were to happen, how would we treat an animal
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